Patton: Movie Review


"Patton" tells the tale of General George S. Patton, famous tank commander of World War II. It shows Patton's numerous faults such as his temper and habit towards insubordination. Faults which would, eventually, lead to his being relieved as Occupation Commander of Germany. The film begins with has General George S. Patton giving a speech to an audience of American troops, with a huge American flag in the background. The scene then shifts to North Africa at the start of 1943, where Patton takes charge of the demoralized American II Corps in North Africa. After North Africa is secured, Patton is involved in the allied invasion of Sicily. After this, a big point of his life was shown, when Patton tried to deal with a shell-shocked trooper by slapping him back to sanity. It happened in front of the press corps, and was widely reported. The incident nearly cost him his career. For this incident and for his tendency to speak his mind to the press, he was placed in command of the fictional First United States Army Group in southeast England as a decoy. Then the movie progresses through the invasion of Germany. Later on in the movie,   he insults a Russian officer at a celebration; fortunately, the Russian insults Patton right back, defusing the situation. Patton then makes an offhand remark comparing the Nazi Party to the political parties in the U.S. In the end, Patton's outspokenness loses him his command once again; though he is kept on to see to the rebuilding of Germany.
I don't generally like military movies, but this film is more than that. It is a more intimate look at a complex and fascinating human being who had a great impact on World War II and thus, all of our lives. I am a fan of Patton and felt the movie showed who he was, all of him. I actually felt more confident watching this movie; Patton was his own man and spoke his mind, in some ways I want to be like him. The movie shows not only his history, but how the war was and the conditions. I...