Pats and Boys

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Ms. Thomas
    The Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots are the two most successful sports franchises in America today.   They come by that success through different styles and philosophies.   The teams’ performances ultimately reflect the values of their respective owners and head coaches teams. Despite a losing record over the last decade, the Cowboys have a higher dollar value than the Patriots. On the other hand, the Patriots have won three Super Bowls in the last ten years. This is a direct result of fundamental differences between the owners, coaches and players.
  Jerry Jones is the owner of the Cowboys and Robert Kraft is the owner of the Patriots. They are both capable business men and franchise owners. Their management styles are fundamentally different.     Mr. Jones is a flashy owner that loves the spotlight and takes the hands on approach to running the team. He has the last word on player and coaching personnel decisions and makes all decision with regard Cowboy Stadium. On the other hand, Mr. Kraft allows his sons to run the day to day operations of the Patriots organization. He spends most of his time attending to League issues and philanthropically. He only gets involved with the team when it comes to issues with his head coach. He prefers keeping a low profile in the press.
  Jason Garrett is in his second year as head coach of the Cowboys and has yet to produce a winning season. Bill Belichek is in his tenth year as head coach of the Patriots and has never had a losing season with the Patriots. In fact, Coach Belichek has the best winning record over the last ten years of any coach in the NFL. He also has more playoff wins than any head coach in NFL history....