Patient Education

The purpose of this assignment is to select a topic for patient education pertinent to a continuing

care placement that could be taught within a twenty minute time frame. A teaching plan will be

using a skill session strategies upon which this assignment is based the plan will use Redman’s (1993)

process approach. A teaching strategy will be chosen to model the education plan. This plan will

incorporate SMART patient centred objectives. The author will use guidelines, protocols and policies

and other evidence. Rationale will be provided for all points made. Confidentiality will be maintained

at all times in accordance with NMC Guidelines (2008) names and places will be omitted to protect


      With any topic, before teaching can begin an educational assessment must take place

(ASHCROFT and FORMAN- PECK 1994) this is broken down into steps. The first is what does the

patient need to know? Many patients in hospital will not remember what is told to them, this is due

to their frame of mind during their admission, they may be scared and find in difficult to take in a lot

of information, they may only take in bits of information which is directly relevant to them, so the

information must be specific in content and only the necessary skills to increase quality of life should

be passed on (WELSH and SWANN 2002 BLACK 1997). The patients ability to learn what is needed

within the limited time available often contrasts with what they want to know. As well as time being

a factor all other barriers to learning must be taken into consideration: Age, sex, education, cultural,

language skills, religious practices, the patients ability and willingness to learn and their attitudes

towards their condition. Barriers such as physical limitations should also be taken into account


        Motivation is seen as a essential for learning and it is important to keep the...