Patient Education Plan/Diabetes

Patient Education Plan
Bertha Quimiro
Nur/427 Health and Chronic Disease Management
Aimee Canepa

                                                              Describe the Patient
The patient is a 43- year- old female, widowed in 2003, and has two grown children. She was living a sedentary life for the last three years, as of the present time she is in her last year of nursing school and has been very busy. When she was younger in her late teens, she used to go out and party about three times per week with friends. During that time she was a social drinker and cigarette smoker, so she drank and smoked only when she went out. She was sexually active and had multiple partners; she also had a miscarriage at 13weeks gestation. In her late 20s she married and was trying to conceive another child but was having heavy painful irregular periods, she had about two periods per year. She retired at age 38 because of problems with carpal tunnel syndrome, her job was a sedentary job that required her to type the entire day. During this time she also gained a superior amount of weight and experienced a great deal of stress.
    Regarding her family background the patient currently lives with her 25- year- old daughter, 18- year- old son, and seven- year- old granddaughter that she helps raise. Her husband passed away because of a heart condition. Her mother is 69, in poor health and living and her father left when she was only two. She has one younger sister 42 who is in fair health, and one younger brother 41 who is also in fair health.
    The patient was diagnosed at age 38 with hypertension, diabetes, anemia, hypo-thyroid, and uterine fibroids. Her mother had breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy, she also had heavy painful bleeding and uterine fibroids that required her to have a hysterectomy. The patient’s 96- year-old grandmother is living, and has thyroid cancer and hypertension. Her sister and brother both have hypertension, and her younger sister has...