Pathology and Clinical Science Case Study

Sophie is 27 years old. She has a demanding job as a corporate lawyer, and works very long hours. She presents to you with a severe burning pain in the retrosternal area, and at times has the sensation that something is stuck behind her sternum. She describes to you that she has constant nausea and eructation (burping). Sometimes she has the sensation that food seems to be regurgitating from her stomach into her esophagus, leaving an acidic, sour taste in her mouth.
This has been a frequent complaint every day for the past year. Initially, she only used to have the burning pain when she had spicy food or a rich fatty meal. However, it has become more frequent over the past three months. Her symptoms occur more frequently after spicy foods, continuing into the night, and disturbing her sleep. And her symptoms are aggravated by stooping or bending forward, and while exercising.
Sophie also mentioned experiencing difficulty breathing and shortness of breath for the past few weeks. And these episodes of breathlessness increase during periods of anxiety. Along with the pressures of her job, Sophie has been severely anxious, restless and apprehensive over the past 5 years, and has been prone to anxiety attacks.

  1) Identify the most important signs or symptoms that Sophie presents with.

The main symptoms that are being presented in this case study are Sophie’s burning pain in the retrosternal area as well as constant nausea and burping. She also experiences the sensation as if something is stuck behind her sternum. With the nausea and eructation, the feeling that food is coming back up her esophagus comes up at times leaving her with a sour and acidic taste in her mouth.
The symptoms have been presenting themselves on a daily basis in the past year. The burning pain used to only appear after spicy or rich meals where as for the last three months she experienced it more often. Aggravation of the symptoms occurs after spicy foods, while exercising...