Passion of the Christ

Passion of the Christ
November 14,2013

The Passion of the Christ is a story of Christianity. Even through the Jewish people did not agree with the movie. The movie is base on the final hours of Jesus. Many people of the Jewish community felt that the movie was Anti- Semitic and that it may mislead people to believe that the Jews are responsible for the crucifixion of Christ. The language that was use in the movie was a old Aramaic, Hebrew and Latin language. This language was a language that most Jew spoke at that time. The film shows how Jesus was beaten in the last 12 hours of his life. The tells what happen after Jesus went to pray after the last supper in the Garden of Olives.

Passion of the Christ was directed by Mel Gibson. The narrative structure of the story is about the final 12 hours of Jesus life. The film is in a non-linear order. It jumps back and forth. There was also some flashback of Jesus with him mother when he was younger. The story took place in Jerusalem. The conflict that was going on, was that Jesus knew that someone was going to betray him, so after the last supper Jesus went to   the garden asking him father for some advice on how to deal with this problem that he knew was coming his way. The conflict that was coming their way was the betrayal of one of his disciples. While in the Garden of Olives, Satan had found Jesus and begin to trying to tempt him. In the bible this really did not happen. But in the movie that is what he was trying to do.
The strange thing about Satan, is that it was played by a women and not a man. The actress name is Rosalinda Celentano. Mr. Gibson says that he use a women because the devil shows up in all kind of different ways. He will never show up the same way with horns and a tail.
There was two symbolism that was used in this over, one was the serpent that slither out when Christ was in the Garden of Olives. Christ stomped on the serpent. By stomping on the head of the serpent, Christ had conquer...