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Survey on Global Fuel Price Increases (and Decreases) since 2008

Feb 18, 2011 Paul Bradbury
Fuel Paradise. 1 Litre of Diesel in the UK Costs the Same as 180 in Venezuela - Zaloa
Fuel Paradise. 1 Litre of Diesel in the UK Costs the Same as 180 in Venezuela - Zaloa
Gasoline prices are increasing. Or are they? A German fuel price check survey shows which countries are increasing (and reducing) petrol and diesel costs.

The fuel price debate in the UK shows no signs of abating and an article by Ray Massey in the Daily Mail on February 18, 2011, highlighted the issue. The Great Filling Station Rip-Off: Price of Petrol Still Rising Here Despite Falls Across Europe investigates the fuel prices British motorists are being asked to pay by comparing pump prices with other countries in Europe.

A more comprehensive study of global fuel prices in 172 countries and territories, compiled on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), showed that Britain had the third highest diesel price in the world (behind Turkey and Norway) at the time of the survey, mid-November, 2010, and the ninth most expensive for petrol. Prices in the UK have moved on since then, with Britain arguably the most expensive place in the world to buy diesel, although prices will have to increase significantly to overtake the asking price of a litre of petrol in Eritrea, $2.54 (Read on for fuel prices in Africa).
Global Petrol Prices in 2008

Comparison of a similar survey conducted in November, 2008 allows for some pricing analysis. In 2008, the most expensive litre of petrol was once again in Eritrea, at $2.53, followed by Hong Kong ($1.95), and Turkey ($1.87). Britain was 28th on the list at $1.44, behind the likes of France, Italy, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, and Mauritania (fuel prices in Europe).
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