Party Games

Still feel bored in parties?
Except drinking, there is noting to do?
Do you complain about playing with iphones during the party?
Never mind! Everything boring will be the past if you read my blog. I’m sure you will find the game suited to you! Trust me!
No matter how many people in the party ,or whether they are shy or crazy, you will find what you like!
I will show you three games .If you really like them, I’m willing to find more for you.
The first game is called “The king”. It is suitable for more than six people . It comes from Japan and is popular in China ,Japan and Korea. If there are eight people in this game, we need 8 poker cards,which include the king ,the queen, and the number 1 to other words, except the king and queen, we need numbers of cards equal to the number of people minus two.
The king
Number of players
More than six
Materials needed
Poker cards
Time to play:
Any time

  *Step 1: Mix the poker cards and everyone chooses one card. Don’t let others see your card.
  *Step 2: People who choose the king and the queen have the right to order others do anything. The queen chooses   two numbers between one to six and the king order them to do anything you want.
  *Step 3:Two people who are chosen to do something must obey the king.
  *Step 4:Turn to step 1.

The second game is called “guess the number”. It is suitable for more than 4 people. We need nothing just bring you brain.

Guess the number
Number of players
More than four
Materials needed
Time to play
Any time

*Step 1:Choose one person to volunteer to think of a number which is between zero to one thousand and keep the number in mind.
*Step2: The others guess the number one by one. For example, Tom is the number thinker and he chooses the number 50. Then Jack guesses 500 and Tom says :” the number is too big ,just guess between 0 to 500.”
*Step 3:Then May guesses 10 and Tom says:” the number is too small, just guess between 10 to 500.”...