Partnership with Children and Young People

11.1 Explain why working in partnership with others is important for children and Young people.
Before partnership working became the best way when working with children and young people. Parents with children or young people with additional needs would have to have faced many different appointments with different people who would not have spoken to each other and would expect the parents to give detailed account of their child or young person disability. This is where partnership working cuts this out by bringing together professionals and different skills to work passed the traditional service.
Partnerships working are important to help children and young people to find out the best way to help them. When parents and childcare practitioners are partners in helping children learn and when working together as a childcare practitioner you can become involved in decisions affecting the child or young person and make a successful partnership. Making the child or young person aware of the link between home and the childcare setting will help the child or young person develop a positive attitude. An open and honest communication between the childcare practitioners and parents is key to a successful partnership to help the child or young person.
As a childcare practitioner it is important to remember parents know their child or young person better it helps when parents are able to share their experience and ideas with you as you are working with the child or young person. Before other partnerships the most important one is with the parents/guardians.
Partnerships with parents /guardians can help set targets within the child or young person development and work out the best way to support the child or young person at home and in the childcare environment.
Partnerships are important these don’t just meet the educational needs. Sometimes families’ needs cannot be met at home and in a childcare setting. The home environment and childcare cannot do it all by themselves....