Parents Should Monitor Teenagers

Picture a lonely child walking down a dark and unknown alley full of twists and turns with many ways to go and many ways to get lost. That's what parents feel like when their kids go on the internet. In this generation, children and adolescents have access to everything anywhere without the knowledge of anyone. This is possible through the Internet. The Internet is an online database that allows people to learn about anything and everything in the world with the touch of one key. The internet is available on smartphones, laptops, computers, and any smart device. Since twenty-three percent of teens have smartphones, many inappropriate and regrettable things occur behind parent's backs. Parents should monitor online behavior since it is parent's right and responsibility to protect adolescents and children from future safety issues, even though children would lose their privacy.
Parents should monitor teens online behavior because it is parent's right. A teens guardian has “the ability to log every keystroke your child makes” (Coben 2). Parents provide the children with everything, which includes food, shelter, and clothes. So, this gives parents the right to monitor kids. The child's guardian is also the caretaker and possibly the birth parent, and does whatever it takes for the good of the child, which includes looking out for trouble. Many parents “don't call it spying [they call it] parenting” (Wallace 3). This is because parents have the authority to investigated control every aspect of the child's life. Also, parents should want to show their child the difference between right and wrong before, the child gets confused about the choices they have to decide from. Therefore, parents should monitor adolescents online behavior since they have the authority.
Another reason why parents should monitor teens online behavior is for prevention of   dangerous safety issues. A survey conducted by “the National Crime Prevention Council reports that forty-three percent of...