High in personal integrity and morals Home Depot’s decision to use the “bait and switch” method with its future employees seems like a very unethical approach.   During the hiring process of these employees they were quoted a certain salary which they felt was agreeable to the position they were applying for and then had this abruptly changed in their orientation without an explanation or apology.   Salary being a key if not main component in choosing a job it should be at the top of the list when it comes to communicating with future employees.  
Following the ethics awareness inventory, an organization which is very ethical but also puts morals and integrity above all else, character is very important and communication is a key factor in handling the hiring process through Home Depot.   As written in Chapter 13 of “Leadership and Organizations” Someone who is high in character and morals would most likely fall into a Servant type leadership.   Servant leaders lead with humility, treat others with respect and will admit limitations and mistakes. Fairness and justice is also a key element. Speaking out when unfair unjust practices or policies are presented. They will empower employees by consulting with them about decisions that could possibly affect them.   In doing all of this it will build trust and loyalty among members giving them a strong hold on fairness and equality within the company they work for.   There may be times where this could hurt the company but that usually only holds to be temporary, the long term affects seem to be very positive because at the end of the day an employee knows what is expected, understands why and this ensures a loyalty from them.  
Following this, Home Depot knew the salary they quoted their future employees before bringing them into orientation.   There are times where a person in a leadership position must make difficult decisions at the sake of its employees.   After doing some number crunching, if Home Depot realized they made...