Part I
Write a minimum 200-word response to the following questions. The minimum word count is for the entire assignment, not each question. Support your response using proper APA citations and references. Provide a minimum of 1 source (citations and reference) other than the textbook from the library, your readings and video materials. Answer the questions below in paragraph format and single-space your work.
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  1. Define Minority and explain how it applies to the content.
  2. How can a minority group experience discrimination and prejudice?
  3. Historically, what is the cause of discrimination and prejudice?
  4. How does current discrimination and prejudice differ from historic discrimination?
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  * Being in the United States there are a variety of ethnic groups due to people wanting a better way of life than they were living in their country of birth, like they all say, “America is the land of opportunity.” This being said, it only makes sense that the people that were born here and raised are going to have a majority of the population in the area if they choose to stay, which people tend to identify people by their race and background. I’ve been around all kinds of people in Arizona and have noticed that the white population is the majority. Majority can be dissected into parts for it to be understood rather than looking at the definition, major refers to a whole of something, a great number, or big significance. This can be tied up with the opposite word minority, meaning minimum, or little of something. For example, a report found that the Hindu belief is lowest percentage of all citizens in the United States, which means they are the minority (Pew Research Center’s Religion & Public Life Project, 2013).

A minority group can experience discrimination and prejudice in many different ways. I know from...