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Stress and Illness in the Workplace Matrix

Use the following table to describe the relationship between stress and health in the workplace and to identify ways to reduce stress in the workplace. If you use additional sources, include citations consistent with APA guidelines.

|What is the relationship between stress and health in the workplace?                 |Stress is defined as anything that poses a challenge.   In the world today many work places have           |
|                                                                                     |challenges and as too many of these will provide stress.   When employees begin to stress to much they can|
|                                                                                     |develop depression or even an ulcer.   This in turn can cause absenteeism or low productivity.             |
|Identify a situation in which you experienced stress in the workplace or provide a   |Last year I took a position as an assistant manager of a Family Dollar, it was a small store and the     |
|fictional example.                                                                   |duties were not that complicated.   The Store Manager at the time understood that I was in school and     |
|                                                                                     |worked with me.   Well they changed managers and the new one would schedule hours of 40-60 hours a week   |
|                                                                                     |for me at our store and others.   I had informed her that I was in school and my grades were slipping and |
|                                                                                     |I needed to cut my hours.   All she said was it was part of having a job.   My stress levels went through   |
|                                                                                     |the roof trying to do everything that she was...