Kudler Fine Foods is a privately owned company that is faced with several situations such as dealing with perishable goods, limited inventory, just to name a few. The primary focus among these situations is the fact that KFF’s owner, Kathy Kudler, is the sole individual who is responsible for the company’s purchasing process and management responsibilities. Kudler is a small organization, which means it would be easier to maintain control over daily and weekly activities. Kathy is able to interact with staff on a weekly basis, and she has a hand in everything dealing with the company. Kathy’s health is great at the current time, however, an electronic tracking and ordering system will still be put in place in the event something happens to Kathy and places the business in jeopardy. KFF has so many great potential as a franchise. Kathy, being the sole individual responsible for making financial decisions prevents the company from expanding geographically and financially. KFF has so much growth potential in California. So many opportunities await KFF in San Diego, Palm Springs, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. Expanding to these areas could give Kathy the opportunity to bring in outside help by hiring a management team with the proper expertise. Kudler Fine Foods has devoted itself to providing quality wines and foods to the public. Kathy can expand on this trademark and add more to the product line. Kathy has set the foundation for what future KFF franchises could be like. KFF has strived to be very customer oriented, offer a lot of choices for the consumer, and gain more repeat customers. Acquiring more customers would mean that Kathy would need to delegate responsibilities to other members of