Training and Mentoring
Wanda R. Daniels
HRM / 531
September 15, 2010
Freya Williams
    This communication is to talk about the new training and mentoring requirements that will be put into effect because of the current merger with EnviroTech. The current merge and reorganization of InterClean have created a need for training and mentoring for the new sales team. As employees begin to assume his or her new responsibility, the business requires training procedures to be set in place to help the new team member understand how to do his or her job and what the job requirements and expectations are. This training will equip the new sales team with the knowledge that they need to be successful salespeople. Training ought to develop according to the various requirements of the participants. This will discuss the needs of the new training and mentoring needs, objectives of the training and mentoring program, performance standards, delivery methods, content for training and mentoring, time frame, evaluation methods, feedback, and alternative avenues for those who need further development.
    The goal of the training is to give a proper and planned method to sales by all salespeople in support of the strategic plan of the business. Training programs in addition to mentoring programs are plan so as to obtain the most results. The primary objectives of the training are to increase the ability of sales personnel to generate sales, open and retain new customers and retain multi million dollar accounts.
New training and mentoring needs:
    Training will allow the business to occur as one more effectively. The business’s new tactical approach, business focused knowledge is need more.   Training will focus on these situations. OSHA training for regulations, environmental regulations, and sanitation standards will be given to the sales staff as it pertains to the specific business.   The mentoring program will help the salespersons not familiar with the regulations.   The...