Pao Analysis

a. RFI Development:
• Anticipated length of investigation
• Are representatives of local hospitals going to report possible injured to higher?
• Will US medical assets treat any injured locals?
b. Command Messages:
1. Help the Centralians recovery with humanitarian effort of support.
2. Our forces are here by invitation of the Government of Centralia.
3. Will continue the mission until civil authorities are able to assume the effort.
c.   Opening Statement:
The humanitarian forces involved in this unfortunate situation are here by invitation of the Government of Centralia. Here to assist the people and NGOs providing relieve, this humanitarian effort will only last long enough to turn the main effort over to civilian authority. All information from the investigation of this incident will be openly shared with the Government of Centralia. Our mission at the food distribution center is to safeguard the food for the NGOs so distribution to the people can continue to help all citizens of this country.
One of the cornerstones for our success is force protection and security for all involved. During the unfortunate incident a large unruly ground attempted and succeeded in gaining access to the compound threatening the lives of three soldiers protecting the warehouse. This scenario was planned for and rehearsed. An investigation into this incident is underway. The purpose of the investigation is to assure the Citizens and Government of Centralia that appropriate force was used in this situation and that any misuse of force will be addressed.
d. 10 Anticipated questions;
1. How many Centralian citizens were killed by your troops?
At this time there have been no confirmed deaths or injuries from the incident.
2. How soon will the three soldiers be handed over to the Centralian Government to face trail?
An investigation has started to determine if any wrongdoing has happened. There will be no comment until the investigation is complete.
3. Why are...