Panel Evaluation

The topic this panel chose to do a discussion on was bullying. They were more focused on the middle and high school age groups. They also mentioned what the student body can do as well as faculty and parents to all make bullying happen less and less. The purpose of the panel discussion was to get more awareness out to the public and the teens themselves and let others know that it is going on and there are ways to address it with other students, faculty and parents so a stop can be put to it sooner rather than when it is too late. I also picked up on that some of the panel participants may have had some issues with bullying in the past as they said it is something that stays with that person for a long time and is not easily overcome.
The features that could have been improved are the location, in the beginning it starts with two teens outside and it’s bright and sunny then we are shown the actual panel of teens and they are with a faculty member in a dark room at an L shaped table. It’s almost as if they don’t want others to know what the topic is about. An introduction of the students and or teens could have been made or name tags so as they were talking you could identify who they were. I think ages would have been a great feature to present as well.
The three features that were done well are the knowledge base the teens that are part of the panel discussion have a great understanding of the topic. They have an adult with them that really is compassionate about the topic and wants to hear and incorporate what they have to say. The fact that the adult asks why the current plans in place are not working and what can be done to fix it.
Teens, B. (2012, 08 02). Bullying: Teen Panel Discusses the Issue. Burbank , CA, USA.
panel discussion on bullying