Palestinian- Isreali Conflict

Fact or opinion, what Israel is doing to the country Palestinian is wrong. And if you can question the fact that killing innocent women and children is wrong, than I truly suggest that you reconsider that. That’s what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people. I believe its complete genocide and can go on to say that my “opinion” is completely factional.
I don’t buy the big lie that Israel tries to display to the media… “We aren’t trying to target civilians; we are trying to target terrorists.” That’s a lie. And how are they the terrorists, when they are being terrorized in their own homeland? Their shirts that the Israeli soldiers wore said it all, “1 shot 2 kills,” with a Palestinian women who is pregnant as a picture to represent the “2 kills” on their shirt, worn with pride. I find it hard to believe that anyone who had shirts like that, and claimed to be an honorable soldier is a good person. They should be ashamed of themselves. I myself know that those shirts say the truth about how many Israeli soldiers feel towards the Palestinians.
I have a grandma who was shot by an Israeli sniper in the ankle and the neck for no other reason besides the fact that she is a Palestinian woman. The siege on Gaza wasn’t the first thing that Israel did to depress the Palestinian people…they constantly control the borders that they’ve built up in the Palestinian land, without their consent. A 10 minute drive can turn into an hour drive, making it impossible for the Palestinians to get where they need on time and without stressing themselves.
In order to extend the Israeli state the Israeli government tares apart the West Bank, a Palestinian territory. My granduncles live there, old men who would not be in any type of violent activity, were kidnapped during the night and thrown into a camp/prison, tortured and beaten by the Israeli soldiers who claim themselves to be the victims. Luckily, my granduncles escaped but with many injuries. And if they didn’t, only God knows...