Paired Debate

Name: Yaneysi Torres Paired Debate
Speech Title:
Teen Driving

General Purpose: To persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade my fellow classmates that teen driving should be enforced.

Thesis: Giving your teen the right to drive it shows independence and self confidence.  

  I. Introduction

      A. Just think of yourself as a parent to a teen, and you had to drive them everywhere. To the mall, to their friends house to school etc. After a while you would get sick of it right? (attention)

      B. When I was a teen I got my license young and parents didn’t hesitate to buy me car due to reason that they had to drive me everywhere.     (credibility)

      C. Teen driving is aimed out those parents that are full time workers and aren’t able to take their teens where there are supposed to be. (common ground)

      D. Letting your teen to drive would show them independence and self confidence. (thesis)

      E. I will share with you three major points: teen driving requirements in Florida, benefits of teen driving, and Risk of teen driving.(Preview)

Transition:   I will start off with teen driving requirements and laws.

  II. Body

      F. First (signpost) Florida requirements and laws.

        1. In Florida for your teen depending on his/her age will have to obtain a learners permit. The way they get this test is by passing a vision, driver course test and your teen will be able to drive with someone with a license and they have to be 21 or over.

        2. Once you’re teen has had their learner permit for one year they may apply for a operators license. In this process you would have to take a driving test. Where they would test in different obstacles.

        3. After receiving the operator’s license your teen may drive 6 am-11 pm at the age of 16. When they turn 17 they may drive from 5 am to 1 am.

        4. If they decide to drive at any other time they have to be with a licensed 21 or older person. Or...