Paints and Coatings Global Market Briefing

Paints And Coatings Global Market Briefing Released By The Business Research Company

Paints And Coatings Global Market Briefing provides strategists, marketers and senior management with the critical information they need to assess the global Paints And Coatings Services sector.

Paints are any liquids or liquefiable or mastic compositions which on application to a substrate in a thin layer will convert into a solid film. They are most commonly used to protect, color or provide texture to objects. An industrial coating is a paint or coating defined by its protective, rather than its aesthetic properties, although it can provide both. The most common use of industrial coatings is for corrosion control of steel structures such as offshore platforms, bridges and underground pipelines.

The paints and coatings manufacturing industry comprises establishments that primarily mix pigments, solvents, and binders into paints and other coatings, such as stains, varnishes, lacquers, enamels, shellacs, and water repellant coatings for concrete and masonry, and/or manufacture allied paints products, such as putties, paints and varnish removers, paints brush cleaners, and   frit.

The largest segments in the paints and coatings market as of 2015 were water borne coatings, solvent based coatings, powder coatings and others.

Pigment Encapsulation Technology (PET) Adoption – PET technology enables homogenous distribution of mineral particles during painting. It is an acrylic polymer capable of encapsulating mineral pigments used as paint formulators. The main performance of the coatings comes from the bulk of the binder composition, however additional polymer features such as crosslinking, oxidative or UV(Ultra Violet) curing   and specific morphology can boost overall performance, improving the dirt pick up resistance in most cases.

Smart Coatings And High Performance Coatings – Smart coatings...