Paint Ball vs Air Soft Weapons

Air-soft vs. Paintball
Daniel Rosenberry
ENG 121
Dwight Paulsen
October 17, 2010

The Army trains thousands of Soldiers a year.   Every Soldier should train how they fight, and that’s why every day we try to find better more realistic ways to train.   I have got two different types of training aides for the Army to use.   In this paper I will talk to you about both of the types of weapon systems.   At the end of this paper I will need for you to decide which weapon system you would prefer to use.   The one that you choose will be the new Army standard training method.
The first type of weapon is the Electric Airsoft Gun.   According to the website, “Electric Air soft Guns... were originally developed in Japan; it is the most commonly used Air soft Gun category. Normally, a rechargeable battery is used to power an Electric motor that works the internal assembly to shoot the Pellets. A least three gears, metal or plastic, are mounted within a gearbox that the motor powers. In addition, these Electric Air soft Rifles or Pistols often have High Capacity Magazines that could hold 100s of BBs." (2010)
The second type of weapon is the Paintball gun (or paintball markers).   According to the website, “Paintball guns… are designed to shoot paintballs at high speeds using compressed gas (either air or CO2).   When a paintball gun fires, a small bolt pushes a ball into the paintball barrel and simultaneously sealing the ball in the barrel.   A valve then releases compressed gas which expands in the barrel, forcing the ball out the end.   The major difference between different guns is how the gun advances the ball into the barrel, seals off the barrel and releases gas into the barrel.” (2010)
Let’s look at the cost of each of these weapon systems.   The air-soft weapon cost is on the average of $250.00.   The paintball weapon is on the average of $170.00.   Now on both weapon systems the...