Packaging Automation Market - Global Industry Analysis, Growth, Trends, Forecast 2024

Packaging is expected to continue to play a vital role in various industry verticals ranging from food & beverages to pharmaceuticals, with end-use companies trying to promote brands and enhance their product visibility in the market. However, at the same time end-use companies are trying to minimize their operational cost. This has led to high demand for packaging automation machines which is capable of reducing operational cost by a certain extent. This is the major factor which pushing companies to adopt packaging automation. Cost cutting in packaging means automating different manual processes and growing the level semi automation process.

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Packaging Automation: Market Dynamic

Packaging automation market is driven by the increasing competitions in every industry as a result the companies try to reduce their cost related to the packaging without compromising the quality of the product. Globally, most of the end-use companies especially those involved in food & beverages market has their manufacturing facilities located in Asia Pacific. Most of these facilities are adopting packaging automated machines to reduce operational cost. Furthermore, lower run time process has also boosted the demand for packaging automation worldwide. Nonetheless, increasing competition in food & beverages & personal care products are also expected to augment growth of the market in the coming decade. Setting up of automation equipment company requires high capital investment which could be a major obstacle in overall growth of packaging automation market. Despite the momentum and growth packaging automation industry has witnessed over the past few years, high operating costs along with need for higher level of maintenance could pose as a major hindrance to overall sales of packaging automation during the forecast period. Low capital funds among small scale manufactures...