P2- Explain the Potential Effects of Five Different Life Factors on the Development of an Individual.

P2- Explain the potential effects of five different life factors on the development of an individual.
Biological influences before birth.

The life choices a mother may chose may affect the health of their unborn baby. These choices could affect the development of their baby. Smoking before the birth of a child can affect their health and development. This is during and after pregnancy. Cigarettes contain nicotine. Once inhaled it runs straight through the bloodstream. A baby will use their mothers blood as a source of oxygen. Here they are then taking on board the nicotine. This means the baby’ heart rate will increase. It also increases the chance of a miscarriage and still birth. It also increases the chance of having a premature birth or and underweight baby. These choices are out of the baby’s control. These life factors change the development of and individual.

What the mother eats can effect the development of a baby. It is vital a mother eats a variety of foods in order to gain all the nutrition needed and to get a good balance. High starch foods such as bread and pasta will provide a source of energy as these are carbohydrates. Eating things such as eggs and chicken will provide protein. This is vital the growth of muscles. Eating roughage such as cereals and grains will provide fibre keeping the digestion of food more easy and keep it flowing. It will also prevent constipation. Having a poor diet during pregnancy can cause damage to their child which is irreversible. A mother who eats a high sugar diet can cause their child to have high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) id due to the mother drinking alcohol during pregnancy. This is a severe condition. Alcohol can be passed through the placenta. This can restrict oxygen reaching the baby. Alcohol damages cells that are apart of growth. This can also damage the connection of nerves in the brain. If alcohol gets into the womb the baby os prone to more illness. These...