P1 M1 Caring for Children

This assignment is going to look at what it means to be a looked after child and how this happens. It will also look at why the child might go into care including two family related problems and two child related problems. This assignment is also going to look at four policies that contribute to the care of a child who is being looked after.

Some children may need to be looked after by the council for a short period of time or until they are 18 depending on the circumstances. The local authority will either place them in with foster parents, a childrens home, with relatives called kinship care or residential schools.

The child may have to be taken into care for a number of reasons, one being death of parents of family. If the child has no one left to look after them they would be taken by the local authority to be cared for. They would then enter the foster care system. This is through no fault of their own and probably an accident.

Another family related problem could be mistreatment. IF the child is being neglected for example does not have enough food or toys. If the child constantly has bruises and investigation will take place and if abuse is found the child will be taken away under a court order.

Although there may be other reasons a child needs to be looked after, they may be the cause for example behavioural problems. The child may have drink or drug related problems or get very aggressive towards parents. Some parents cannot cope with this and the child would be placed into care with the local authority.

The last reason to be explained is if the child is severely disabled or have bad health problems. This may benefit both child and parents if put into residential care. The parents may not have the time/ equipment to be able to look after the child properly. This is questioning the child’s quality of life but while in care they will get the right care
and treatment they need due to their health issues or disability.

There are two ways a...