Overseas Employment Bureau in Nagaland

Overseas Employment Bureau: A Concept

Unemployment has increased significantly among the youth in Nagaland and job creation is too weak to curtail further increases in unemployment among relatively inexperienced workers, such as recent school leavers, technical graduates, etc.
In view of the gravity of the situation, there is concern that unless action is taken urgently, the situation of youth will become unsustainable, representing a threat to social cohesion. Moreover, young people represent a valuable resource to the economy, businesses and society. As such, promoting more and better jobs for youth will be one of the key dimensions for a stable society.

Need for Employment Innovation in Nagaland:
Nagaland faces a challenge to raise its employment quality and quantity that has arisen from traditional recruitment.   More innovative employment strategies need to be incorporated into the system. Initiative in the form of “Overseas Employment Bureau” is the need of the hour to tackle key issues and dilemmas and improve the situation of youth in a sustainable manner. This Bureau shall function as Recruiting Agent for the purpose of overseas placements.


• To improve the employability of Naga Youth to make him employable and globally competitive;
• To disseminate information to interested persons regarding overseas employment opportunities, passport, visa and immigration rules, regulations etc.
• To tie up with foreign employers and registered recruiting agents to facilitate legal job placements of Naga Youth.
• To help and assist interested job seekers in securing jobs in foreign countries.
Advantage Nagaland:
Since Nagaland holds huge potential in the manpower sector, it will enjoy a natural advantage over other States when it comes to overseas placement. Moreover, most of the youth of Nagaland has a good command over English making them suitable for overseas jobs.