"When people abuse their power. The others who have been over powered feel powerless"
This is shown throughout 1984, boy in striped pajamas and a newspaper article based on a current problem in our society today.
In 1984, George Orwell shows many examples of how people abuse their power, and make the people who have been overpowered feel powerless. In the scene I have chosem, Winston has been tortured for weeks by O'brien, and by the end of it he feels weak and insignificant.
Similary in Boy in striped pajamas The German Government puts Jews in a concentration camp, this is a form of torture leaving them feeling powerless, and in the end the German government end up killing many of the Jews.
In the nespaper article the bigger business are dominating the smaller business by lowring the milk prices, leaving the farmers in a tough situation. This makes the farmers feel samll and powerless.

In 1984 O'brien says to winston
"Power is inflicting pain and humiliation. Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing." O'Brien believes that having power over someone else lets you control what that person thinks, and believes, as they feel weak and useless. O'brien believes the best way to gain that power is by torturing them, or inflicting pain to completely break them down.
In the boy in striped pajamas the German government believe that putting Jews into concentration camps, making them work and making them live in poor conditions gives them complete power over them, and they can control their minds.

In this poster I have used black to represent evil
In the scene that I have chosen for boy in striped pajams, Bruno the main character decides to give up the power he has, he does this by taking off his clothes and replacing them with the striped pajamas the Jewish people at the concentration camp wear.

Through The use of salience we are drawn to the fence. The fence plays a significance role in...