Carlos Partee

ENGL 1010

December 5, 2012

        Underpaid and Overrated

As a child everyone wanted to be a big time basketball player in the NBA or maybe even an actor in their all-time favorite movie. Many celebrities play a large role in today’s society; they are who our generation looks up to as role models. It comes to the point where you ask yourself are entertainers overpaid or just over compensated. Athletes and actors are valued more than some important members of society. They tend to set bad examples for our kids such as being negative role models and encouraging mischief behavior.

A role model is a person who serves as an example, whose behavior is emulated by others. When you’re a kid you think athletes and actors are “Gods”, but in reality we see right through their makeup and expensive clothes and realize they are just ordinary people like us. Our generation looks up to professional entertainers, because we as Americans encourage the “rebellious image”. You can watch a million youtube videos about different celebrities either spazzing out in front of fans, paparazzi fights, and consuming drugs in public. Entertainers use their power for unethical reasons, some actions are just uncalled for. These so called Performers and Entertainers are causing more trouble than good, they don't realize that they are hurting our generation instead of helping. Gestures and lyrics in todays pop culture test the limits of censorship. Music today makes 1990s music look conservative. The hip-hop industry promotes violence, and the use of drug activity are two of the biggest problems in America. By these hip hop artists promoting these actions it enhances the amount illegal activity in our youth today. Artists such as Chief Keef who continuously talks about guns and police brutality doesn't look at the image they are sending to our kids. As parents we want to instill in our kids heads about becoming lawyers and doctors not drug dealers, pimps...