Outreach Instructional Case

Since 1990, Community Outreach (Outreach) has been working to provide assistance to families in their greatest time of need.   With the help of volunteers, the organization provides “assistance to indigent individuals and families.”   (Lenk and Donnelly)   Through the donations of generous funders, Outreach has been able to assist 22,000 families by providing their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.   In the future, the organization would like to expand its mission by offering assistance to victims of abuse.  
The organization is managed by a Board of Director’s and Outreach Trustees.   The board consists of four positions, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and two advisors.   The Outreach Trustees is comprised of stakeholders from “major corporations and public offices.”   The group of Trustees functions as the fundraising arm of the organization.   (Lenk and Donnelly)
In terms of staff, there are six positions funded by the organization.   The positions of operations manager and bookkeeper are both full-time positions.   The remaining positions, marketing and administrative support are part-time positions, split between four individuals.   The organization has a heavy reliance on volunteers to assist in other areas, including management and coordination of food donations.   (Lenk and Donnelly)
Community Outreach suffers from a number of problems, “scarce resources, segregation of duties, changing demand for services and high personnel turnover”, just to name a few.   (Lenk and Donnelly)   This paper will discuss two of the issues ailing Community Outreach and provide appropriate realistic solutions to help revitalized the organization.   This paper will also strive to show how using the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership can aid in this process.
Assessment and Solutions
One of the problems Community Outreach suffers from is poor accounting practices.   Discussions with Rhonda, the bookkeeper, and review of the financial statement...