Outline the Inequalities on a Street Which You Know

TMA 01
Drawing on what you have learned about City Road from the Making Social Lives DVD and Learning Companion 1, outline some of the inequalities on a street which you know.
Drawing on what i have learnt from my study materials including the DVD and the learning companion 1, i will write on differences and similarities which bring inequalities on City Road and compare it to that of a street i know called, High Street Beckenham, it is in Beckenham in the London borough of Bromley .Until the coming of the railway in 1857, Beckenham was a small village in the county of Kent with completely rural surroundings. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia).Beckenham has a leafy image and has eight railway stations to London which makes it ideal business location. It has a lot of good private and state schools and the high street contains many up market chain of restaurants as well as family run independent ones. Super markets on the high street include Sainsbury’s at the beginning, Lidl   in the middle, Marks and Spencer towards the end and Waitrose super market at the end of the High Street.
There are a number of visible inequalities on high street Beckenham and these includes age, gender, traffic and shops.
High street Beckenham is not as busy compared to City Road but there are a lot of expensive private cars parked on one side of the road from one end to the other which makes life a bit difficult for bus drivers and users of the bus and this is as a result of the high middle class population in Beckenham. One will perhaps argue the pedestrians and bus users will come first before the private drivers but I guess most of these car users make up the law makers in the council and hence the inequalities.
When it comes to shops, both roads aimed at different groups of people at different times of the day, on City Road, the elderly has the choice of enjoying the café whilst the young and the student at night enjoy the take away restaurants, on High Street Beckenham, during the...