Outline Some Examples of Making and Remaking on a Street That You Know

Drawing on what you have learned from the DD102 Module Materials and your work on TMA 01, outline some examples of 'Making & Remaking' on a street you know.

Making & Remaking is a 'key concept' in the study of how individual lives shape the social economic patterns & trends of wider society & in turn how society shapes them, as observed on City Road. (Open University, 2014) This essay will highlight some examples of the process in which society is made & remade using a street I am familiar with, Shettleston Road where we can observe the impact that the introduction & abolition of Industry has had on the overall lifestyle of the local inhabitants.

Originally a small rural farming & weaving community, Shettleston Road was transformed into an early center for Coal Mining, with this came the rapid growth of the local population & the expansion of existing housing, the building of new tenements & a multitude of pubs, dance halls, social clubs & sporting clubs to cater to the industrial workers. However with the decline of the Coal industry, Shettleston road & the East Side of Glasgow fell into a state of disrepair. Projects like G.E.A.R. (Urlan Wannop, 1990) are founded to regenerate the area; but are eventually stopped as they aren't seen as cost effective.

One of the buildings that G.E.A.R. (Glasgow Eastern Area Renewal) reconstructed was the Eastbank Academy (Wikipedia, 2015) which was originally founded in 1894 & expanded many times, in 1986 it was completely reconstructed with state of the art open plan Teaching areas by G.E.A.R. & supported the pupils until 2007 when the college was moved. The original building is now used by other community organizations. This example of 'Change & Continuity' is also mirrored in the conversion of the Mackintosh Centre in the Video, 'Life & times of the street: part 1' (Open University, 2014)

Now that G.E.A.R. is no longer in operation new development programs have been introduced, like the Shettleston Housing...