Micaela Smith
Professor Del La Toba
English 048
01 December 2014
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Paragraph #1
Reflect on the changes you have seen in yourself as a reader & writer this semester. (Compare your first day writing to your best writing today.)

       Not knowing what to expect in my English 48 class when I entered the room with absolute fear, after all it is my first year of college but I can say that I have seen a lot of changes this semester in the way that I write, and I consider myself a lot better writer at the end of this semester compared to the beginning. Now when I start to write anything I know to write a good topic sentence for everything I write also how to write about what matters, and how to relate that to myself and the world effectively.. My writing has improved drastically, especially in terms of making documents more audience-oriented and adding positive language in the text. Writing is an activity which allows me to express thoughts I cannot always verbalize. Traditional rules of grammar and usage become more aware in my reading and I have noticed that I have been getting better at recognizing and correcting sentence boundary problems as fragments, run-ons, and comma-splice errors since I have been in my English 48 course.
Paragraph #2

     The problem’s I have had in writing when I first started my English 48 class was formatting my essays incorrectly. When my teacher would tell the class that an assignment would be due in MLA format I had no clue what he or she was talking about, I honestly felt dumb because once I had turned my assignments in and received my paper back with a grade, points have been taken off for not following instructions using MLA format .Conjointly over the past four months I not only learned that MLA stands for Modern Language Association, I always made sure my essay’s where formatted correctly using one-inch margins, font Times New Roman text, double-spacing, furthermore correct personal...