Outdoor Essay

Explain in detail the perceptions, use and management practices related to the natural environment of indigenous Australian’s?

Indigenous Australians perceive the land as their lives; it provides a home, food, shelter and a place to meet. They believe that the land should look after for the future generations. The use of fire helps them hunt food, fire regenerates the land with new growth attracting marsupials to grave, and it also eliminates the old and dead growth and is substituted with fresh produce.   Indigenous Australians take much pride in looking after the land. They view the land to be like their mother, the aboriginals believed that is they take time to provide for the land the land will provide back.
The aboriginals use the environment for shelter, food and a home; they use it for hunting, farming and a place to work. The aboriginals work hard to keep the lands natural substances healthy. They see it as their duties to provide the land with anything it needs to survive. They do this to make sure the land gives them all its resources back to make sure that all aboriginals are able to survive.
Land is the biggest priority to aboriginals, they worship the land. They give the land all of their care and attention to make sure they get the lands full capability.
By managing the land so well, in return the land provides back with the new fresh growth leaving them with a comfortable lifestyle. To aboriginals the health of the land is a major factor. They also believe that the land is the place they return to after death, it is a spiritual attachment to them, and they see it as their god and heaven.