Outcome 501

01Unit 501
Outcome 1.1
Communication affects my job role within my care setting in many ways, between the service user, their families and friends, other staff within the home and medical professionals. This may be done in many ways: in person, body language, telephone calls, emails and written correspondence. Effective written and verbal communication and being able to use a variety of interpersonal techniques promotes strong working relationships and will promote good quality care for the service users. Within my role, it is important that I communicate in the correct way to ensure that the needs of the service user are understood and dealt with correctly. We hold regular meetings with our service users to establish the changing needs of our service users, these meetings are individual and group meetings.   The care staff within the home have regular meetings to discuss all of the service users and if any needs have changed, and to be sure that everyone knows what is happening if any changes have been made. This also helps if anyone has any issues/ concerns that they need to raise. All meetings are recorded and care plans updated if needed. All care staff within the home also communicate with, other medical professionals such as
  * Occupational Therapists
  * Nurses
  *   Doctors
  * And other health care professionals
To discuss the service user’s needs.
All communication that occurs is recorded by writing records in the individual’s care file and by verbal with staff passing on in shift handovers.
We have several service users with our care setting that are unable to read.   As part of my job role I create documents that are easy to follow using pictures using boardmaker that makes them easy to understand.

Outcome 1.2
Within my job role as a senior support officer it is important that I have good communication skills for many reasons. Having good communication skills are vital for working in this role as they have help to develop...