Our Class


SINO Po kami?
Through the orchestration of events guided by the hands of fate, forty-three youngsters full of promise, potential and passion for knowledge were put together as one class. Every mind synthesizes wisdom and a high level of thought process; every heart pumps precious lifeblood that flows with unbridled zeal, appreciation and love for life. Working together for faith, excellence and service, we gave our all in order to forge a legacy that we can look back on with pride. That legacy is not to be known forever, because memories can be short-lived. But we know in our hearts that we’ll remember one another because of the reason that we are together. That is our legacy: to live the faith, excellence and service that rallied us to go beyond being just another class of seniors. We are Comrades.
When things around us seem to go by in a flurry, some scamper blindly to get along. Others get caught and crushed at the heels of the impetus. Whereas we stand still and wait for that perfect convergence of forces that will draw us into the right momentum that jibes with the beating of our hearts and is linked to the core of our souls. With every breath we take, we feel a certain palpable dynamism; the kind of surging force that weaves and catalyzes all our thoughts and perspectives into a single, seamless thread that binds us as one. We dance to a single synchronized heartbeat, and we sing in unison in one reverberating tune. We are a Family.
Through all the trials and triumphs, the crests and troughs of every wave, we neither faltered nor hesitated. Backed by our strong faith in God, in our Alma Mater, in our teachers and in each other, we remain hopeful and faithful. We may have cried bitter tears, but we also beamed with sweet smiles. We learned life’s lessons, and we became better versions of who we had been four years ago. We started to dream bigger, beyond individual success. And we engraved on our hearts the dream that we dreamed together: to...