Our Attitude Needs Change

English language is a universal language that have been used by others globally. In this new era of globalisation, we know that most of our daily life needs us to speak in English impurposely. In order to master the language, it needs much more effort towards enhancing the usage of the language. We know that in Malaysia, the English language is not the mother tounge of most citizen. We are more comfortable with our own mother tounge which is Bahasa Melayu or other dialects as well. The English language maybe is the second or third   main language that is commanly used in Malaysia. As we know, the habits of using English as a common daily language have been taught since we are in the kindergarten. Based on the letter to the author of the New Straits Times newspaper on 17th August 2011, the writer said that our attitude needs change towards English. We are fully agree with him.
In our opinion, in order to put or Malaysian at the same level with other develop countries, we are encourage to improve ourself as an individual for the first place. To make it more successful, so the person must have their strong feeling towards English. The feeling means that, they must do their very best to love the English language as they love their mother tounge as well. Yes, we know that this statement is very impossible and maybe it is off the top of one’s head. As we know, like a human being, whenever we fall in love with someone, with the top level of efforts we will explore whatever he or she likes and dislikes eventhough it is a very uphill task to be done. Thus, we apply the same pedagogy towards loving the English language.
We share a few tips on how to fall in love or to breed a seed of English in our minds and in a person as an individual. The first and the most easiest way is by listening to a simple, slow and clear English song. Eventhough some of the language is not that correct in terms of grammar, but then as the first step it will be very...