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1 Summary

1.1 ‘The Introduction’ shows:-

1.1.1 What our company does
1.1.2 My role within that company.

1.2 ‘Analysis of my role’ Shows: -
1.2.1 An analysis of my role using Mintzberg’s Framework

1.3 Conclusion identifies two areas of my performance that need attention

1.4 Personal Recommendation shows practical proposals for improvement of the areas highlighted in Fig 1.3.

2 Introduction

2.1 My organisation is called ##### and it is the largest train maintenance company in the UK. ##### does the routine and heavy maintenance and refurbishment of trains for several ‘Train Operating Companies’ in the UK.

2.2 My role as a Maintenance Manager is situated in Derby & Leeds
My remit is to take any calls about faults and fleet defects offering information to allow the customer to correct the fault where possible, and where not to arrange technical help ASAP. That help will either be the deployment of Technical Riding Inspectors (Travelling Train repair Experts) or arranging one of our depots to attempt repair on overnight servicing. We log all defects and incidents on two IT based databases that are visible to the depots.
In the event of a safety issue we issue a Fleet Special check is necessary. This is a time limited check of the failed component that has caused a safety issue across all the fleet.  

3 Analysis of my role using ‘Mintzberg’s Management Framework’

3.1 Interpersonal Roles

3.1.1 In a Figurehead role we become a central point of contact for ####-#### and ######. Also running a series of company wide conferences on a daily basis.
3.1.2 In the role of Leader we bring together the repairer with the customer’s problems. Also allocate work to Technical Riding Inspectors
3.1.3 In a Liaison role communication in getting repair operatives to trains and outside elements such as transport + materials.

3.2 Informational Roles

3.2.1 In a Monitor role we are monitoring the movement of our operative trains and the...