Otto Von Bismarck Source Evaluation

Otto Von Bismarck
Gary Stark
Short Paper #1*
*February 23, 2009
Otto Von Bismarck was a very substantial figure in German history during the mid to late 1800’s. His name is among the most famous leaders in German history and ispraised with paving the way for the modern German state. More specifically he’s greatest achievements came in the area of politics. He was head of the Prussian Ministry for over thirty years during his career in German politics. Bismarck was heavily in favor of nationalism and was a super conservativepolitician. The phrase “King and country” is always associated with his political viewings.
The French and American revolutions were of heated debate and bloodshed at these times and few thought Bismarck would survive with such a strong support for the German state. He stayed steadfast to his goals and beliefs;he questioned everything and demanded answers. His pragmatic approach to government was different from the liberals of the time. While they had their heads in the clouds with ideas of revolution and reform, Bismarck kept his eye on what was real and happen at the time.
His most influential contributions to society include early pension funds for elderly citizens and health and accident insurance reforms. He resigned from political duty in 1890.
After my search of Otto Von Bismarck, I clicked the first link that came up on which brought me to the website Wikipedia -( Wikipedia is a web based encyclopedia where anyone can upload information on any subject directly to the website. The articles on this website are usually term papers or journal entries from students and professors.
This article did not list and author or any other name or place of reference. The page is detailed and contains a substantial amount of information on Bismarck. It lists a descriptive biography including schools and offices he worked at and attended as well as detailed accounts of...