Ottawa Charter Promotes Social Justice

The Ottawa Charter and its five action areas promote the principle of social justice. The charter aims to build a positive approach towards health for all members of society through the five action areas. Social justice is a primary principle of the Ottawa charter as it aims to communicate equal opportunities and enable Australians to achieve their fullest health potential. Through the Ottawa charter, social justice is promoted.

The Ottawa charter is the scaffolding of healthy promotion all throughout the world. The Charter was developed after a conference on health promotion in Ottawa, Canada, in 1986. It is a policy that aims to create apositive approach to health throughout the world. In the charter there are five main action areas that are followed to promote healthy living. They come under the subheadings of: Developing personal skill, Creative supportive environments, Strengthening community action, Reorienting health services and Building healthy public policy. These five action area all promote social justice.

Social Justice promotes the Ottawa Charter as it aims to address unfairness and encourage society to lead a full and healthy lifestyle. The four principles of social justice are equity, access, participation and rights and through these principles inequity and supportive environments are what is aimed to be achieved. Social justice is aimed at the disadvantaged, reducing the gap that exists is our population and improve the health of the population as a whole. Through this social justice can be seen to promote the Ottawa Charter.  

The first action area of the Ottawa charter is Developing personal skills. This area increases the options available so that society can have more control of their lives and make healthier decisions. Developing personal skills involves the support to people and their social development by providing them with information, education and helps improve their life skills. An example of this action area is Road safety...