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Working out your Class of Honours
The credit needed for an honours degree
Qualification for an OU honours degree requires you to successfully complete at least 360
credits. Of these, at least 240 must be at OU second level or higher and, of those, at least
120 must be at OU third level.

The honours classification process
We calculate the class of your bachelors honours degree using the results on all your graded
OU or approved collaborative scheme modules at OU second level or higher - up to 240
For some of our degrees, up to 240 credits can come from an award of credit transfer in
recognition of study successfully completed elsewhere. Your performance in any work for
which an award of credit transfer has been made is not taken into account so, for some
students on some of our degrees, the calculation of the class of honours could be based on
as little as 120 credits from modules at OU third level. But in most cases, it will be the full 240
Each degree has a rule that specifies the modules that can be counted in classification. You
can check this by looking at the information about your particular degree on our website at
www.open.ac.uk/student. Within that rule, we always choose your best grades. Normally
these will be given for each module as one of Distinction (1), Pass grade 2, Pass grade 3 or
Pass grade 4.
We take the grades you obtain in your best 120 credits at OU third level and, using the
calculation shown in examples 1 and 2 below, we give them twice their score. Then we add
to that score the score for the rest of your credits that are in the calculation. This gives a total
number of weighted grade credits.
If you have the maximum of 240 credits included in the calculation, the resulting number will
be somewhere between 360 and 1440. As the aim is to produce one of four classes of
honours, we divide this range into quarters as shown in the tables below.
We then perform a quality assurance test. In this, we check that your best 60...