Statement of Purpose

My career objective is to do the best in the field of computers. It is my pleasure that pursuing my Master’s studies at would be the stepping stone towards my goal. Graduating in ABC College of Engineering, has, in addition provided me a strong desire to learn more.

The unique Bachelor of Engineering program offered a degree in Information Science & Engineering. The most unique thing about the course is that, we take courses in all the branches of Computer i.e. hardware as well as software. It also included Electronic Communication which made the concepts of telecommunication quite clear. Apart from this, it also taught me programming in assembly language with 8085 microprocessor unit. I also got a learning of interfacing the microprocessor with 8255 programmable peripheral device. The rigorous curriculum of the program is a unique blend of theory and experiments with an importance to research and innovation. The rigorous curriculum and an excellent faculty have given me a tremendous liking for the area of computers.

I have actively pursued courses and projects to enhance my knowledge in the area of computers. In my final year of graduate study, I was involved in the project named Multithreaded Download Accelerator with Resume Support. The work involved was to download or upload simultaneously multiple files on the network between any two systems. This was of a great time to me as it taught me to write scientific reports and programming in an internationally accepted format.

Working in the laboratory has given me exposure to hardware’s and developing the Software. The practical experience has provided me the confidence to handle even the difficult projects.

Apart from academics, I have developed a personality on all fronts with active involvement in social work and sports which adds a perfect balance between study and play. These refreshing interactions have given me the qualities of team spirit and the desire to work together. I...