In Othello, Shakespeare explores the concept that our world is simply an eternal struggle between the corrupt and pure, also demonstrates to us the tragedy that ensues when these two extremes are mistaken for one another. Shakespeare’s Othello gained its popularity because he knows how to integrate realism, passion, and humanity into his writings. William Shakespeare based his works on how society functions and how people live their lives and deal with their personal situations. This might be fictitious, but his characters could have been easily real. The internal emotions of the characters imitate the society in present. It conveys the importance of knowing ourselves.

  Our antagonist, Iago lets us into a world of his own mind using soliloquy.   Shakespeare uses this method to let us know what he is thinking, feeling and plotting. He is known as a friend who stabs us in the back and is also our own mortal enemy. He is the portrayal of pure evil. “The Moor is of a free and open nature/That thinks men honest that but seem to be so/ And will tenderly by led by th'nose...” This is when he decides to plant a seed into Othello’s mind and let the jealousy and insecurity grow in him, in which lead Othello into the story that he has plot for his own revenge. Our protagonist, Othello struggles with the common man’s own fears. Manipulated by the world that Iago has created, made his jealousy the main conflict in the play.