Othello Struggle Iago

The differences between the film and the novel. The film and the story times were set differently, They used guns in the film and used swords in the story another difference is before the party when Juliet was getting dressed nurse told a joke that embarrassed Juliet, Juliet shouts commanding nurse to stop while in the movie Nurse was quiet throughout that scene. In the novel Juliet is on the balcony while Romeo is below the balcony in the movie they were both on the balcony just Romeo was hiding. Another difference is in the movie Romeo takes ecstasy in the novel in doesn’t take any drug. Another difference is in the novel Romeo and Juliet first saw each other from across the room while in the film meet in the toilets with a fish tank in between them. Another difference is when they began kissing thay would go through the elevator and kiss their so they wouldn’t get caught in the novel they kissed in public. Another difference is when Romeo left the party with his gang, in the film they left in a car, in the novel is doesn’t say anything about transportation. Another difference is when Romeo asks the Friar Lawrence to marry Juliet in the movie the friar refuses the first time Romeo asks but the second time he accepts so that both families would make peace in the novel the friar just accepts right away. Another difference is in the novel when Romeo hears that Juliet has passed away he goes to her meeting Paris there, Paris immediately duels Romeo, Romeo kills Paris, in the film Romeo does not see Paris when he goes to Juliet.