Othello N O Comparitive Text

Advanced English – comparative study of texts – Othello and Odin
Othello is portrayed in the beginning of the play as calm, reasonable, brave. We see this by characters describing him as “brave Othello”, “effective general”, “powerful”, but we also see this through what Othello says and how he acts. However when he starts to believe his wife is cheating on him he changes.
Just like Othello, Odin is seen as having lots of potential and is someone who will lead the school basketball team to victory, we see that people respect him, when he is chosen for the ‘most valuable player’ award in front of a large crowd and the crowd shows that they are happy with this decision, by clapping and cheering him on, except for one person, Hugo, the coaches own son, the camera focuses on Hugo’s face, showing he is unhappy however odins girlfriend is Dessy and he is being lead to believe that she is cheating on him with someone else, he finds it hard to dismiss these allegations because they were told by his friend, even if they are false.
Similarities between Othello and Odin include the fact that they are both in love and easily mislead when told by friends that their girl is cheating on them.
they both give handkerchiefs as a symbol of their love, and They both ironically Trust the one who is lying to them in Othello we see this several times when he refers to Iago as “honest Iago”, and this is ironic because we know that Iago is lying and trying to break up Othello and Desdemona.
At the start of the movie we see white doves, and an eagle, followed by a basketball game, where Odin scores the final goal, we are given a bird’s eye view followed by a close up of a very disappointed Hugo, this look follows his attitudes throughout the movie, he is never really positive and his actions are all pretty negative, particularly trying to set up Michael and the breakup of Odin and Dessy.
Throughout the movie we hear rap styled music, particularly in the basketball games where Odin...