Purpose of OSHA
CJ 403
Gary McCracken
Grantham University
Callie Casstevens

  * Introduction and background
OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration Act. Employees form an essential asset of the organization as they contribute their efforts to make the organization successful. In return the safety of the workers or employees at work is the responsibility of the employer. OSHA regulations helps employees get their rights by ensuring that the law itself helps them obtain various safety facilities (Lewicki, R.J., Saunders, D.M. and Winton, J.W. 2003).
OSHA regulations are an outcome of employment law. Employment law plays an essential role in human resources management (Kane & Palmer, 2005). They were formed based on the union requirements that stated that all employees have a right to be safe and ensure that their lives or health is not at stake while at work. OSHA regulations help place the responsibility of safety at workplace on employers and thus ensure that the employees are not exploited or deprived of their right to safety at workplace (Goodman, D., 2008).
  * Purpose of OSHA
OSHA regulations have been formed to ensure that the employer fulfils all of the stated safety requirements that can help create a safe environment even while working in hazardous conditions like a construction site or a manufacturing plant which are prone to accidents (Gavetti, G, & Rivkin, J.W., 2005). If necessary measures are not taken then it can lead to high risks to the lives of the employees and so this makes employment law extremely important (Kane & Palmer, 2005).
Employment is crucial from the perspective of humanity and fair treatment. It is important that all workers at all levels are provided with work conditions that are suitable and not hazardous (Lewicki, R.J., Saunders, D.M. and Winton, J.W. 2003). Then they can work to earn a dignified livelihood without risking their lives. In case of employment laws and...