Orwell summary
In Orwell’s article, “Politics and the English Language”, he believes that many people are aware that there are many grammatical errors within the modern English language.   However, Orwell has a very different opinion of the modern English language; he believes that language is weakening because of political reasons. Orwell feels that the English language is in such a major decline because people abuse it and speak thoughtlessly without care for the delicacy of the language. Also Orwell see’s that the problem with the English Language is not fully to blame on speech but it is also to be taken into account of when it is written. Because most written English is composed of error, he feels strongly that if people would take note to practice proper English within their writing that the problem with the English language could diminish over time.   In his article Orwell lists six rules that writers can use to help them: 1. Do not copy phrases that you have seen before, 2. Use short words when applicable, 3. Do not add unnecessary words, 4. Use active when you need to, 5. Use an English equivalent when necessary, 6. Do not follow these rules if it will make you sound stupid. In saying that Orwell, feels that with the correction of the English language, the users of it will be more apt to see things clearly and understand it completely. Also with the correction of the English language comes the ability to open up the door to the rejuvenation of politics around the world.