Origin Myth

The Beginning of the Anything
In the beginning, there was nothing, there was no human existence, no Earth, no galaxy, just pitch black that seemed to go on for eternity. Later that changed when a spark started to form in the middle of nowhere. The spark grew and eventually grew into a fiery substance bigger than one could imagine. This fiery substance provided an insanely amount of heat that would burn anything if it was too close to it, but too much distance wouldn’t provide any heat at all.
That fiery substance let out just the right amount of heat causing it to make a chemical reaction with the space dust. That reaction resulted with 9 different mass substances with different sizes. These mass substances were being slowly created as more reactions were caused. Some of the mass substances grew more than the others; they all got different colors depending on the reactions, and all of them were made of different substances. Even though there were nine of them, only three of them had the perfect amount of heat from the fiery substance for any type of existence whatsoever.
One of the living beings that lived in Jupiter, one of the mass substances, knew he wanted to do something different for his life. Razza knew that he wanted to travel the other eight substances, otherwise known as planets. Razza knew he wanted to travel to the closest planet closest to the fiery substance, known as the sun, which was Mercury. He made the journey, taking a relatively amount of time, 3 days to be exact. Although none of his family approved of his journey, especially the other commoners, it didn’t affect him at all and he left anyways. He knew that if he left he would never be able to ever go back because he knows he won’t be accepted by anyone again; he would be a disgrace to the Jupiter society, and most likely killed for his actions.
Once Razza arrived in Mercury, he got dirty looks from everybody; everyone knew he was an outsider and a disappointment to the Jupiter society...