There are numerous organisations that will have an impact on the work in schools. Multi agency teams bring together professionals from different agencies to provide an integrated way of supporting children, young people and their families. As well as giving advice and guidance to teachers and other staff in schools. It is a way of working together that guarantees children and young people who need additional support have the professional that is needed to give them that support. Professionals who work alongside schools are likely to include Social Workers, Early Years Intervention Agencies, Youth Workers, Police and Youth Justice.
Social Workers: their central role is to offer help and assistance to children, young people and families dealing with children at risk. They play a major role of gathering information about a pupil’s social, emotional and behavioural development in school. Conducting interviews with the student as well as making classroom observations. They will conduct interviews with senior members of staff and parents on strategies that will benefit the child in school.
Early Years Consultants: offer support and advice to teachers and other members of staff in school. They work closely with both children and parents to identify, assess and respond to a child’s additional need and to ensure that the appropriate intervention is given to that child in order to develop their learning within school.
Youth Workers: promote the personal, educational and social development of young people aged between 13~19, they respond to the needs and interests of young people and attempt to resolve issues involving health awareness and education by developing positive skills and attitudes within a young person.. Youth Workers have an influential role in empowering young individuals to take on issues that are affecting their lives.
Police: hold debates in schools to children and young people on issues such as knife crime and anti social behaviour in order to...