Organzational Commitment and Communication: Starbucks

Organizational Commitment and Communication: Starbucks

Poor leadership communication in a leader will certainly have a much more challenging situation in becoming a grand communicator. Leaders with poor communication will not have the confidence and respect of the company’s executive team, board of directors and staff and will be much harder to obtain. Communication and leadership go hand-in-hand in order for a company to succeed. Leadership communication skills at its best will gain the respect and trust of employees, executives and directors. Leadership communication can build the morale of the company and will be able to manage any conflict that should arise. Leadership communication will also inspire management and employees to work hard and set goals. These explanations of leadership and communication are what Starbucks is all about.
Leadership Styles
Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ current Chief Executive of Operations and president, was raised a poor child living in the housing projects in Brooklyn, New York,   who presently oversees the Starbucks empire in Seattle, Washington (Gallo, 2006). Howard Schultz is defined as a leader with very powerful communication skills who knows what he stands for, promotes all his values, and knows how to make a connection with his listeners and employees (Gallo, 2006). Howard Schultz is very passionate and with that passion comes charisma. Howard Schultz’s leadership style has Charismatic Leadership written all over it. Charismatic Leadership can be defined as an individual with a personality that sets them apart from everyday people. These charismatic leaders can do no wrong, are regarded in the highest of standards and are considered to be unlike any normal human being. Howard Schultz is known for having great respect and attitude toward his employees. A former colleague mentioned in an article that Howard Schultz has charisma to communicate with his staff and nothing occurs at Starbucks that Howard Schultz does not...