When concerning leadership in business, the most important aspect is the organizing function of management. Implementing the organizing function of management can make or break a business. Organizing is the function of management, which follows planning. Organizing is an operation in which the synchronization and combination of human, physical, and financial resources takes place. All three resources are important to obtain results. Therefore, organizational behavior helps to achieve results that are important for the functioning of a concern. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the organizing function of management as it relates to organizational resources such as physical assets, monetary, human resources, knowledge, and technology. This paper will also discuss if Wal-Mart has optimized the above organizational resources for effectiveness and efficiency.
    Wal-Mart is a company that strives in saving people money and helping people live better lives. The company has been very successful for more than 40 years and is a Fortune 500 top leading company. Wal-Mart has optimized their physical assets to the fullest.   According to their 2010 financial annual report, the company holds $170 million dollars in physical assets. Wal-Mart has optimized its physical assets very well because of their strategic direction and selling at low prices. All of their products are bought wholesale in large quantities that leave enough room to sale its products at low prices and still make a profit.
    Assets illustrate the values of various items a corporation owns. Wal-Mart is primarily a retail chain store. Their physical assets range from real estate to thousand of merchandise and operating equipment. The company operates on a volume basis and their physical assets include; fixtures/equipment such as gondolas, metal shelves, wall standards, clothing racks, glass showcase, and trash compactors. Also their fresh departments are also a major source of revenue, which is the...