Organizational Transformation Q



Organizational Transformation Q & A Jose Luis Sandoval Jr. OI/361 December 1, 2014 Michele Dougherty



Organizational Transformation Q & A How incentives, training, and education are important to a company and also how important a strong leader is to a company. Jose will define and explained these topics. He will also compare these topics to his previous employment (Gill’s Auto Glass) and explain the positive and negative side of individual reward. He will also describe his previous employment as innovative or non-innovative. Incentives, Training, and Education The topics of incentives, training, and education play a huge role in promoting organizational change. First, incentives provide employees with measurable motivation for pursuing a policy of change. There may be high level of resistance with the employees when the managers suddenly announce that there is an organization’s policy change. Managers can overcome employees’ resistance by offering them incentives like finical gain (bonus at the end of the pay period) that will give employees the reason to support the policy change. For example when there a new product arrives to company for sale the managers can offer high commission percentage for the sale department to embrace the new product. At Jose’s previous employment (Gill’s Auto Glass) there were any incentives to motivate the employees, but at his sister’s employment (Wal-Mart) there are incentives for having a free accident work place. If the employees have one month free of accident their ward is candies; if they have three month free of accident their ward is ice cream party. If they have six month free of accident their ward is have a carne asada party. Training and education are also critical skills for an organization that has the ability to change rapidly. Training is the process of prepare an employee for a special or difficult job task. Also...